Previous Projects


PEEDA has done several research studies in the energy field for clients such as Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Centre for Rural Technology (CRT) and Winrock international (WI), and we also work with other organisations in the research and development of Pico Hydro. "Impact of Micro Hydro Projects on rural...


PEEDA also runs training programmes, workshops and seminars to promote research and development of renewable energy.

Specific donor supported project/program

Donor : Winrock International Name of the program : A research Study on “Market based demand management of electrical energy in Nepal.” Implementation period : 24th May 2005- December 2005 Location of implemented program : Kathmandu Valley Type and Number of beneficiaries : It is a research study to influence...

Training/Consultancy delivered to other organizations

SN  Type of training/Consultancy Training/Consultancy receiving organizations’ name 1 Organization Management, Training Cum Workshop 2 Project Construction Management Training Cum Workshop 3 Rural Electrification Consumers Services & meter reading training cum workshop 4 Training Cum Workshop- Organization Management for Mid Level Manager 5 One day Seminar on Small Hydropower Development...

Organization’s own financial supported programme

SN Name of the Programs Implementation period Location of implemented program Types and number of beneficiaries Outcome 1 Awareness creating activities on energy and environment sectors Since April 2005 Doti District Few VDCs Collaborating with RDSC 2 MHP promotional activities Since June 2005 Jumla Jointly with HIMEA