People living in the Mountain region rely heavily on conventional energy sources such as wood and animal dung for cooking, heating water and keeping the house warm. Recent trends in use of LPG and diesel as fuel has also increased. With the growing rate of tourists trekking along the Annapurna Circuit and religious pilgrims to Muktinath temple, this requirement of fuel has increased enormously, increasing demand of wood supply.  Thus, a proven technology like Solar Thermal heating is a great way to cope with this demand.

This project proposes to build a public hot shower facility in Kagbeni powered by thermal solar system for locals and tourist. This facility will provide bathing for approx. 20 people each day. Thermal insulated tank based closed loop water circulation will ensure hot water for 72 hours with minimal heat loss.

Project Duration: 1 Year

Key Project Objective:

a) Reduce carbon emission of burning wood by installation of solar thermal hot water bathing facility

b) Provide employment opportunity in the marginalized community to handle the daily operation of bath house