As per the Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Report (VRA), 2021 published by the Ministry of Forest and Environment of the Government of Nepal, Mustang and Myagdi districts lie under climate-vulnerable districts with low adaptive capacity. The key factors that induced the vulnerability are particularly but not limited to climate change, lack of reliable energy options, low agricultural productivity, market linkages, migration and many others.

The objectives of the assignment are as follows:
– To prepare a detailed project document that aims to support the lives and livelihoods of the communities of Mustang and Myagdi through climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy solutions including partnership with technical institutions/agencies/NGOs.
– To conduct consultation with local government and communities in Myagdi and Mustang on existing market, issues and challenges related to climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy and identify solutions
– To design and draft clear project rationale, expected results along with a strong inter-linked project output based on the assessment as well as the concept note of UNDP and solutions are sustainable and scalable

Duration of the assignment: March 2024 – June 2024