Dr.-Ing. Ramesh Kumar Maskey holds MSc. In Civil-hydropower Engineering from Beylorussian Polytechnic Institute, Beylorussia (1987) and MSc. in Resources Engineering from University of Karlsruhe, Germany (1996), where he taught hydropower and energy technology till 2004. He worked as civil engineer for Arun-III hydroelectric power project in Nepal Electricity Authority till 1994. After completion of his Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering Science from University of Karlsruhe in 2004, he worked as the Executive Director of a private firm in Germany till February 2006. Since March 2006, Dr. Maskey accepted a full professorship of civil engineering at Kathmandu University (KU),and as the head of department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering at KU for more than a decade. His research interest encompasses water resources management, small hydropower, renewable energy technology, distributed power system and hydraulic structures while his field of expertise are Civil Engineering: Hydraulics, Hydropower and Renewable Energy Engineering.