With support from the UK Aid Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) Programme, PEEDA has taken a significant step towards institutionalizing repair and maintenance (R&M) practices for e-cooking appliances.

We’re thrilled to share some moments of our latest initiatives. PEEDA organized a workshop on 29th February 2024 with fruitful discussion gathering invaluable feedback from experts representing the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), the Butwal Technical Institute, and other technical institutions based in Kathmandu, Banepa, Butwal, the Nepal Renewable Energy Programme, GIZ Nepal, other INGOs/NGOs as well as major e-cooking technology suppliers, and private institutions working in the electric cooking field.

We believe the insights gained from the collaborative sessions will be instrumental in shaping our approach to integrating research insights into our training module and repair manual for e-cooking appliances. With the support and expertise of such esteemed participants, we’re convinced that our efforts will lead to meaningful advancements in promoting sustainable e-cooking practices.