PEEDA has successfully completed and handed over the Municipal Energy Plan (MEP) for Baiteshwor Rural Municipality, Dolakha for the years 2081 to 2086 B.S. on 22 May, 2024 (Jestha 9, 2081).

This comprehensive five-year plan is the result of a year-long effort, involving detailed energy forecasting and analysis, financial analysis, detailed baseline studies, surveys, group discussions, and extensive stakeholder meetings. We also organized three workshops and conducted in-depth studies on potential renewable energy technologies to ensure the plan’s sustainability, focus on a clean environment, and commitment to a low carbon footprint.

The formal handover ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chairperson of the Baiteswor Rural Municipality, the Energy Development Sub-committee also representing women, and DAGs from all wards. Baiteshwor RM is excited about the implementation of this forward-thinking plan, which aims to drive sustainable development, enhance energy security, promote cleaner technologies, and create a greener, more resilient future. With strong support from all stakeholders, they are confident that this plan will significantly contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.