Dear All, 

Greetings from People, Energy & Environment Development Association (PEEDA)!

We would like to bring to your notion that PEEDA is on the verge of publishing the third edition of its highly successful annual magazine ‘Energy Insight’ on the thematic area “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Livelihoods & Climate Change Mitigation”. Renewable energy can contribute to socio-economic development, energy access, secure energy supply, climate change mitigation, and the reduction of negative environmental and health impacts in Nepal. As PEEDA has been working in the aforesaid sector for nearly two decades, this publication aims to publish articles and research /dissertation summary related to the aforementioned area and disseminate it to a larger audience. The main aim here is to highlight and promote different research/activities/initiatives performed by relevant stakeholders for broader understanding and impact.

Last year, the magazine had national and international article contributions on Energy Scenarios of Nepal 2010 to 2030, scope of biofuel, methane leakage calculation from biogas plant, Jatropha pressure jet stove, decentralized renewable energy systems, techno economic and life cycle analysis of camelina jet fuel and many more. The magazine was distributed to major INGOs, NGOs, government institutions and corporate houses, and was very well received by all.

Hence, we would like to request you to submit any of your article/research summary on the above thematic area so that it could be published and shared to all relevant stakeholders. This will serve to initiate collaboration among all individuals/institutions who envisage seeing energy abundant, climate resilient and prosperous Nepal.

A suitable incentive will be provided to all the authors who submit their articles. No unauthorized use of the document will be done for any other purpose.

Hence, we request you to submit the article by the end of September 2016 in the e-mail address or  English is the preferred language for the article. Lastly, please limit your article to maximum 1000 words.

Please feel free to contact should you have any queries.