Similar to the remote areas of Nepal, the use of firewood and LPG is still prevalent for cooking in Dolakha district. This not only contributes to environmental pollution and deforestation but also increases the dependency on cooking fuel. Moreover, in sensitive areas such as schools, the use of firewood affects the students’ health and creates an environment that contradicts the knowledge disseminated about environmental conservation. It can also potentially lead to the creation of an environment that discourages students from actively participating in environmental conservation. This project aims to address such issues by promoting electric cooking at premises of the school kitchens.

The objectives of this project are as follows:
1. To introduce energy efficient electric cookstoves as an alternative to traditional biomass and LPG stoves in the schools of Baiteshwor Rural Municipality in Dolakha district
2. To reduce reliance on firewood, thereby mitigating deforestation and its impact on local ecosystems
3. To increase awareness and promote sustainable practices among students, staffs, and the broader community

The project is funded by WWF Nepal.

Project duration: October 2023 – November 2023