PEEDA supports several institutions which serve those developing Nepal’s water resources.  Since its establishment, PEEDA has set up the following companies to serve as infrastructural support in the field of renewable energy, environment and water resources development:

Hydro Consult Engineering Ltd  – 20% ownership


Hydro Consult Engineering Limited (HCEL) is a Nepalese consulting firm, working in the field of hydropower development, water resources engineering and general civil engineering for providing quality-engineering services. It is a registered company established in 1998.

The primary objective of HCEL is to help the economic development of the country through harnessing indigenous resources: hydropower, environment and community development by providing quality-engineering, socio-economic and environmental services.

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Hydro Lab Private Ltd – 50.08% ownership


HydroLab Pvt Ltd is Nepal’s leading independent hydraulic laboratory. Established in 1998 it is now well equipped and well established. The objective of HLPL is to assist in the achievement of national goals by providing an effective base for research and development, training and consultancy sevices in the field of water resources in Nepal. HLPL is providing high-level consultancy services and model testing for clients both in Nepal and abroad.

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Center for Energy and Environment Development (CEED)

It was established in 2017 and it mainly aims to provide services in the field of energy and environment for the enhancement of the livelihood of the communities.