Institutionalizing repair and maintenance in the e-cooking ecosystem

With support from the UK Aid Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) Programme, PEEDA has taken a significant step towards institutionalizing repair and maintenance (R&M) practices for e-cooking appliances. We're thrilled to share some moments of our latest initiatives. PEEDA organized a workshop on 29th February 2024 with fruitful discussion gathering invaluable feedback from experts representing the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), the Butwal Technical Institute, and other technical institutions based in Kathmandu, Banepa, Butwal, the Nepal Renewable Energy Programme, GIZ Nepal, other INGOs/NGOs as well as major e-cooking technology suppliers, and...

Local Initiatives, Global Impact

PEEDA showcases its journey of impactful climate change solutions with small grants at COP 28 Side Event in SDG Pavilion In the COP28 Side events hosted by UNDP GEF SGP, PEEDA highlighted its initiatives of clean energy for heating water and cooking events to reduce the carbon footprints with the help of small grants by IKI and UNDP GEF SGP. The discussion on this event mainly focused on the role of civil societies working at the ground level and the importance of community focused approach for addressing the impacts of climate change and sustainable development. Please find below the recording...

COP28 Participation

Join us at the COP28 Nepal Pavilion for the MECS-PEEDA event on accelerating electric cooking scale up in Nepal and beyond. #electriccooking#cleancookingtransition#COP28UAE See insights and ads

Capacity Building for Effective Modelling and Analysis

The collaborative effort behind Nepal's SDG 7 Road Map, involving the Ministry of Energy and key stakeholders like AEPC, showcases a commitment to sustainable development. The focus on capacity building through “NEXSTEP training” ensures energy experts and planners are well-prepared for future updates and challenges, to work on energy and emissions modelling using LEAP, and scenario analysis using multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA). PEEDA participated in the capacity-building platform for effective modelling and analysis. 🌍💡 #SustainableEnergy #NepalSDG7

PEEDA, one of 11 IKI grantees from Nepal, shared its ideas and knowledge and discovered opportunities besides establishing networks with other grantees within Nepal

PEEDA participated in a networking and knowledge sharing 2 - days event organized by IKI small grants and GRAPE on 29 - 30 November 2023. PEEDA is glad to be a part of this event, where PEEDA got an opportunity to build connections with actors working for similar goals. PEEDA delivered and learnt about the various obstacles, opportunities, outcomes and sustainability of capacity development of the IKI-funded project.

Pioneering the field of industrial electric cooking

As a continuation of our commitment to promoting electric cooking, PEEDA installed industrial induction stoves at 8 schools of Baiteshwor Rural Municipality, Dolakha, under the project title ‘Electrifying the School Kitchen’ funded by WWF Nepal. This project aims not only to establish electricity as the primary cooking fuel but also to create a sustainable and healthier cooking environment for students and staff.

One Day Workshop on Municipal Energy Plan

PEEDA successfully completed a second 1-day workshop on 12th October, 2023 for Municipal Energy Plan (MEP) of the Baiteshwor Rural Municipality, Dolakha. The active participation from the Energy Development Sub-Committee members and representatives from all ward and fruitful discussion led to an important step toward energy security, utilizing clean energy resource and technologies in formulating a Visionary MEP of Baiteshwor RM with prioritizing the attainable actions for the next five years. “State-of-the-art technologies for Baiteshwor Clean Development”

Experiences and Practices in Nepal on the Effects of Global Climate Crisis from a Human Rights Perspective

PEEDA is delighted to be part of 2 days’ Workshop on sharing "Experiences and Practices in Nepal on the Effects of Global Climate Crisis from a Human Rights Perspective” organized by the Nepal Dialogue Forum for Peace and Human Rights, Germany. It also recognized the need to view climate change from the rights of the truly affected local people and how PEEDA as Civic Society could help them. PEEDA also shared its case and experiences of climate change effects from one of the project areas and what interventions are being taken out to ensure the rights of those climate victims with a...

Experience Sharing at the Provincial Energy Policy Dialogue for Bagmati Province

PEEDA is happy to share its experience in the field of e-cooking project in Nepal at the Provincial Energy Policy Dialogue for Bagmati Province. Experts from the government, non-governmental private sectors and academics have an insightful discussion to dissect the challenges and unveil the action plan for upscaling RE initiatives  and decarbonization in the province for the  greener future.

Capacity building of PEEDA staffs – Strengthening Outcome and Impact Orientation (OIO)

Two days’ workshop on Strengthening Outcome and Impact Orientation (OIO) was conducted at the PEEDA office on 21-22 September 2023 to develop clarity on key concepts and terminologies of Outcome and Impact Orientation and its importance in project management context and processes. This workshop also helped to enhance knowledge and understanding on effect chain logic and objective formulations. Further, it strengthened skills on data collection tools/methods and clarity on monitoring framework as well as gained clarity on progress reporting formats and requirements of Bread for the World, Germany. PEEDA staff also developed knowledge and skills in monitoring framework, formulation of...