How Can You Help PEEDA?

Contribute Work

As a national NGO that is operating with limited funds PEEDA is dependent of voluntarily involvement from its members and others. If you think you have the time and capacity and you want to contribute to Nepal’s development through PEEDA’s work, we are very interested to hear from you.

Funding from donor agencies is provided to PEEDA on a project basis. As such PEEDA has various new projects that are looking for donor funding. If as a donor agency you are looking to fund worthwhile projects in the renewable energy and environment field – particularly projects that are focused on benefiting the poor of Nepal – then please contact us.

How can PEEDA help you?

PEEDA is a small and flexible NGO that is willing to take on projects in partnership with other organisations. Our main focus areas are:

  • Providing access to sustainable energy development for poor and   underprivileged people.
  • Capacity building of the renewable energy sector in Nepal.
  • Adaptation to climate change in Nepal.

We have a membership base with a very sound experience and a wide network in the energy and environment sector in Nepal, both in the private business and the government sphere. We have limited funds ourselves, bet we seek to find funding for the projects from external project donors.

  • If you have an idea related to environment or renewable energy that you would like to develop, or
  • If you have a project you would like to implement, but you need a local partner in Nepal, or
  • If you have a desire to see poor people benefit from renewable energy development in Nepal, and an idea how this could be done, or
  • If you have a topic for research in the field of renewable energy and would like to have a capable partner organisation, or
  • If you want to involve in awareness work related to climate change adaptation, or
  • If you need technical assistance for training or capacity building in the field of environment and renewable energy development, or
  • If you on a general  basis want to explore possible future cooperation with us, or
  • If you simply want to know more about PEEDA and what we are doing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in PEEDA!