This personnel exchange project funded by FK Norway aims in creating more jobs, reducing drudgery, and improving living conditions through knowledge exchange between the partner institutions. Tarayana Foundation Bhutan, Practical Action Bangladesh & Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) India and PEEDA are the four partner institutions for this project. In accordance to the objectives of this project, PEEDA had received three participants for this project- two from Practical Action Bangladesh and one from TARA India in 2014. The three participants learnt from various projects of PEEDA and gained good insights from climate change initiatives of Nepal.

PEEDA is continuing to participate in the FK Norway funded personnel exchange project among three partners of the South Asia region. In 2015, PEEDA has sent three participants- two to Practical Action- Bangladesh and one to Tara- India. The two participants at Practical Action Bangladesh will undertake projects on ‘Water, Sanitation & Resilient Housing’ followed by ‘Low Carbon Technologies’ respectively. The third participant at Tara- India will undertake a project on ‘Productive Use of Renewable Energy Technologies’. In 2015, PEEDA has not accepted any exchange participants from partner countries.