PEEDA in collaboration with Nepal Yantra Shala Energy (NYSE), Turbine Testing Lab, Kathmandu University (TTL, KU), University of Bristol (UoB), UK and Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) will be implementing the project. The project has been funded by Energize Nepal, Kathmandu University as an extension of previously conducted research on Turgo Turbine in Nepalese context. This project intends to improve the technology readiness level of the Turgo Turbine in Nepal via implementing 3 work packages namely Workshop on Turgo Design and Manufacture, Open Source Repository of Turgo Turbine System Design and Webinar and Micro- Hydropower Scale Turgo Turbine Demonstration Site.  

Project Duration: 2 years, starting from Mid – March 2020

The Key Project Objectives are:

  1. Establishment of the Turgo Turbine as a viable and market-ready choice for micro hydropower manufacturers in Nepal.
  1. Improve access to the Turgo Turbine for local manufacturers in Nepal and globally.