Author : Tapendra Chand
Posted On : June 29, 2017

Dis-believing each other….

It takes many years to build trust but it takes mere seconds to break that trust. In the context of Nepal, we as a citizen belonging to different caste, ethnic group, culture, language, geography etc. do lack that intangible part namely to trust. We are not in a mode to trust each other and are limiting our self in the boundary of ancestral thoughts that are demarcated as social taboos. 

Learning disability is not only limited to “higher class people” but may be also to so-called “Discriminated people”.

As depicted by “Dr. Pukar Malla” duirng my leadership course in Daayitwa, there was a case of southern terai of Nepal where so called “Dalits” were treated unequally. This was because of learning disability developed by the people of upper caste. They are not in a situation to accept their losses and cannot imagine their power being snatched away. Their immense lust of power and position have prevented them to trust people that are inferior to them. Consequently, this kind of mentality has directed them towards tyranny and has prevented them to learn the fact that symbiotic relationship is durable and progressive as compared to parasitic.  

On the other hand, sometime so-called discriminated people could develop learning disability. They might have lost hope and are not in a situation to believe that someone from the so called upper class is coming to help them. So, here comes the intangible factor or virtue called trust that these people need to incorporate into their mind. If they trust others, then the other group that is diabolically opposite can trust them. There is a popular saying “there is no clap without two hands”. Hence, I believe unless and until there is trust from both sides, there is no negotiation and one cannot imagine a society deprived of discrimination.

Is there any connection between too much complaining and mistrusting?

It may or not be co-related to each other but I personally believe that there is some connection in between them. If one develops the habit of complaining about each and every aspects of daily life then he/she develops the dangerous habit of mistrusting. Sometime, such habits may lead towards depression that could be life threatening as well. Hence, instead of complaining we should think what can be done creatively to convert that complain into opportunity like an alchemist who can change everything into gold?


Note: The information in this blog is personal view of a writer.