Gaurav Dahal is an energy expert. He has more than 15 years of experience working with climate and energy challenges at both the policy and implementation levels. He has experience working with national and international organizations on renewable energy issues (Government of Nepal, PEEDA, UNOPS, UNDP, Government of Uganda, SE4ALL, WWF International, and ECF/TARA Foundation). His specialty is renewable energy, with a focus on knowledge transfer, worldwide business expansion, project design, and project financing. He also has experience in developing and marketing low-carbon and alternative energy solutions. He has great experience developing, managing, and implementing sustainable renewable energy projects, particularly in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He is also skilled in contract management, results-based management, donor relations, donor compliance, and the research and development of renewable energy technology. He holds an MBA degree from Kathmandu University School of Management in addition to a mechanical engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, India/Silchar.