“Bringing Sustainable Cooking to the Corners: The joint team of PEEDA and CEED in cooperation with RERL conducts e-cooking demonstrations at one of the remotest hills of the nation. “

The organization is committed to promoting sustainable living practices. To achieve this, we recently conducted E-cooking demonstration programs at 15 different locations within Bajura district, sensitizing more than 700 local people on the functioning and benefits of electric pressure cookers and induction stoves.

These demonstrations were designed to introduce electric cooking practices as an alternative to traditional cooking methods relying on firewood and fossil fuels. By adopting electric cooking practices, communities can reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs. Additionally, electric cooking is safer and more convenient, making it a great option for households with children and busy schedules.

We were excited to see the positive response from the locals who participated in our demonstration programs. Many expressed interest in adopting electric cooking practices and were eager to learn more about sustainable living.