At PEEDA, we believe that change begins at the local level, and our recent promotion and demonstration events in wards 6 and 7 of Baiteshwar Rural Municipality, Dolakha,  have proven just that!

As a new addition to our long-standing ecooking promotion program, we wanted to ensure faster and more efficient communication with the communities.

This time, our focus was on the students and dedicated community enthusiasts who play a vital role in shaping the future of their communities. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about ecooking were truly inspiring!

Together, we explored the benefits of electric cooking and its positive impact on our environment. We witnessed a remarkable positive attitude towards embracing sustainable practices, reflecting the incredible potential for change within these vibrant communities.

Here, we share some of the beautiful moments captured during these events. Let’s amplify the message of sustainability and inspire others to make greener choices for a brighter future!