In Nepal, access to modern energy services is relatively low which requires immediate actions to improve energy access situations and quality of life mainly in rural settlements. To implement, manage and monitor the energy projects at the local level, it is essential to have the Municipal Energy Plan (MEP) in place. The Municipal Energy Plan is a five year comprehensive periodic energy plan that enables the local government to:-

• Set targets for energy programmes

• Support data-driven energy analysis and evidence based planning

• Make an informed decision for policy making and investment

• Facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of energy projects

As such, PEEDA initiated the development of the Municipal Energy Plan of the Baiteswor Rural Municipality (BRM), Dolakha. The project is supported by IKI, Germany. A one day workshop was organized in the Office of the Baiteswor Rural Municipality on 29 January, 2023, attended by the Chairperson of the Rural Municipality, Chairpersons of all 8 wards within BRM, women representatives and DAGs. The workshop concluded with the formation of an Energy Development Sub- Committee (EDSC) to implement energy related works of the respective rural municipality.

One day MEP Workshop at the Office of Baiteswor Rural Municipality, Dolakha